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The following year in August, the Company participates for the first time in the Annual Fireman’s Softball Tournament held in Seaford. And in July of 1983, the Company participates for the first time in the Annual Firemen’s Muster held at Delaware Tech Community College in Georgetown.

It was in September of 1983, that the Company hosts its 1st Annual Crab Feast.

February 18th, 1984, the Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Company celebrates 75 Years of active service by hosting a recognition dinner in the Banquet hall. Several years later, a new P.O. Box number (727) is established.

In 1986, the Bridgeville Fire Company responded to 157 alarms, with the Ambulance responded to 328 calls. The fleet of the Bridgeville Vol. Fire Company included:

  • Brush Unit 72-0, a 1973 GMC 4X4 quick Response Brush Unit
  • Engine 72-1, a 1984 Ford/Pierce
  • Engine 72-3, The 1936 Reo Antique Pumper
  • Engine 72-4, a 1972 Ford/Great Eastern
  • Tanker 72-5, a 1967 Ford/Great Eastern
  • Rescue 72-6, a 1968 Ford Rescue Truck
  • Engine 72-7, a 1979 Ford/Supreme Plain Jane
  • Truck 72-8, a 1987 Chevrolet Suburban
  • Brush 72-9, a 1962 International
  • Ambulance A-72, a 1967 Ford/Collins Type III Trojan Ambulance
  • Ambulance B-72, a 1985 Ford/Horton Medic Rescue, Type III Ambulance.
In years past and present, the undeniable and ever-growing population of the Del-Mar-Va Communities must be accommodated with adequate EMS resources. The Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Company Inc. recognized these ongoing changes within their community and the increasing volume of Ambulance responses made. This being said, on December of 1991, the Company took prompted action to ensure that their community would receive unconditional Ambulance Services, and approved the motion to hire a Full-Time Paid EMT-B.

With the support of Robert Moyer, on January of 1992, the Company was able to publish and distribute a cookbook filled with their member’s personal recipes

It was on October 11th & 12th, 1992 that the Company made its 1st participation in the Annual Apple Scrapple Festival. Seventeen dedicated years later and still vending Oyster Sandwich’s at the central holding grounds of this event, the Company’s contributions include the full use of the parking lot granted to the Apple Scrapple Committee for entertainment, vendors, seating accommodations for visitors, etc.; an Open House for demonstrators, Fire Prevention Awareness, and Public Health educational exhibits, etc., and 24-hour FIRE and EMS coverage dedicated to the Festival.

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