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Bridgeville Water Rescue - Woodenhawk Swamp

Monday, March 15, 2021
On Friday, April 23, 2010 at 20:34 Hrs the Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Company was dispatched for a water rescue in the area of Route 404 and Sand Hill Road. 72-Command was the first unit in route with 72-15. The initial report advised chief that 2 kayakers were in the woodenhawk swamp area, had called in on a cell phone, and had no idea where their location was. Initial searches started from the 404 / Sandhill road area and progressed West on ATV's. Trooper 2 had also been on the initial dispatch, and began their search following their arrival. Initial searches in the woodenhawk bridge area found nothing and progressed West about 1.5 miles before the stranded kayakers were found by trooper 2. Even though trooper 2 identified the areas of the kayakers it was still a challenge to find access to them. Once the kayakers were found by fire personnel on the ground they were assisted to a field area where waiting medics and EMS personnel evaluated their condition. After their evaluation they refused treatment and were released to family members. The area where the kayakers became disoriented starts out as a large stream, however, then turns into wooded swamplands. The kayakers became lost once it became dark, and there is no real way to tell which direction to follow back to the stream.

WoodenHawk Area
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