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100th Anniversary Open House - Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Company

Monday, March 15, 2021
The open house followed the parade. We estimate there must have been at least 900 people in attendance since we went through all 1,500 hot dogs purchased. The displays feature antique fire and ems equipment that we have held onto throughout the years. Numerous photos and albums. The photos are especially interesting to people to see pictures of themselves or relatives. There was also displays of all the documentation of the 100th anniversary that include senate and house tributes on the federal level to declarations and proclamations on the local level. Mr. Ed Kee Delaware’s Secretary of Agriculture thanked the BVFC for its 100 years of service on the governors behalf. Since Bridgeville is an agricultural town it was nice to have Sec. Kee visit. Senator Joe Booth and Representative Dave Wilson also presented us with a State of Delaware flag that had been flown over the capitol. We then dedicated our new apparatus building to the Men and women of the Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Company past and present, The Bridgeville Volunteer Fire Company Auxiliary, and the members of the public who help our cause year after year. We then publically took our antique 72-3 out of service publically and parked our antique in its new museum area. The photos were taken before visitors. SPECIAL THANKS TO REPRESENTATIVE DAVE WILSON FOR PROVIDING THE FOOD DURING THE OPEN HOUSE.

Greenwood Volunteer Fire Co. cooking lunch
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Food Setup
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Plaque Set-up
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Display Area Set-up
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Display Area Set-up
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Antique Display
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Antique Respirator
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Joe Evans Memorial
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Joe Evans Memorial
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Trophy Setup
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Tributes and Plaques
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Fire Prevention Setup
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Delaware Fire School Booth
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Ms. Minnie O'Day also turned 100
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Eating in the Engine Room
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Dave Wilson Entertaining
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Brent Workman and Allen Jones
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Board of Directors
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